Our Story

Our Ethos & Philosophy

Our vision is to create designs and produce clothing and accessories that feel like a piece of art - creative and inspiring - inviting wearers to step into their own natural way of elegance, grace and joy.


Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of art, wisdom and creation. Her name is derived from the Sanskrit sara, meaning "essence," and sva, meaning "one's self."

Saraswati is also associated with flowing water. When feeling truly connected with our inner essence we step into our own light, our intuition and inspiration - and feel like flowing water - like being one with the flow of life. In this blissful state we naturally shine from within.

by Shanila

Shanila is of Arabic origin and means "the brightest star". It is the artist's inspirational name - and implies her sensation of flowing with life and blissfully shining from within. Shanila is more a feeling than a name.

Our unique collections are designed to create this feeling of inner blissful glow, natural elegance and inspiration.

Shine in your own grace

The Collection, Materials & Production

All pieces of Saraswati by Shanila are designed from the heart. The fabrics are conscientiously hand-selected with focus on fineness and quality. The designs are uniquely created with an eye for the extraordinary - making each piece unique of its kind.

All pieces are made of selected artificial fabrics. The chosen materials are very delicate, light in feeling and still durable while creating a feeling of lightness and joy.

Saraswati by Shanila pieces impresses with their shining appearance and luster.

All collections are conscientiously hand-made by a dedicated team of local artisans in India. Each collection is produced in small, selected quantities - with a focus on delicate details and highest manufacturing quality.