The Brand

Saraswati by Shanila is a young elegant brand featuring gracious designs and the finest aesthetics. All fabrics are carefully selected and each piece is conscientiously handmade.

The brand is an exciting co-creation of a young German artist and an Indian designer, sharing their passion for delicate fabrics, dedication to fine detail, and their sense of the extraordinary.

Designs & Inspiration

Their designs are a vivid play on creation, expressing harmony via extravagance. All pieces are designed from the heart and convey a feeling of gentle joy, lightness and inspiration.

Saraswati by Shanila invites you to shine in your own grace, in all facets of your chatoyant being.

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Our Collections


Saraswati by Shanila Dresses impress with their Pure Elegant Outlines and open the Stage of Gracious Appearance to Each Woman in a naturally captivating way. Classical Elegance combined with fine, extravagant details such as the statement open back make each of these pieces Truly One of a Kind.‍

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The Saraswati by Shanila Azkare are a Captivating Piece of Art. The long, extravagant yet classical shape allows you to experiment with Exceptional Daring Creations and invites you to Play with Your Expression. Wear if You Dare - and Shine in Your Own Creation!‍

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The Hooded Capes are the Absolute Rockstar Piece of the Saraswati by Shanila Collection. Extravagance in its purest form! This Eye-Catching Piece impresses with its unique shape and variability - unisize & unisex - setting stage for Your Shining Appearance. Ravishing Elegance, De Rigueur.‍

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Saraswati by Shanila Two-Pieces are selected Top & Bottom combinations which allow You to Create Your Own Look with Every Wear. Bohemian Wrapped Blouses, Classical & Boho-Chic Trouser variations, Arty Vests & Jumpsuits - these combination variables Invite Your Own Creation!

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The Saraswati by Shanila Blousons are a dashing everyday piece. Light, wrinkle-free & unisex, this piece easily varies from Urban Street Chic to Upscale Elegant - and is Simply Spectacular on any occasion.‍

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